Neo Internal Emails

Access internal communications and attachments

Key Concept

Access Neo internal emails externally.


Features and Limitations

This is a limited feature, compared to its capabilities in Neo itself.

You can:

Read incoming messages 

Respond to messages received

Open attachments


You cannot:

Create a new email.

Attach documents


Unread Email Notification 📸

The envelope icon is always visible, but will show a notification of a red blinking number, indicating the number of unread messages that you have in your inbox. 


iPad View


iPhone View


Email Contents 📸

Reply - Reply to sender.

Reply All - Reply to to everyone on the email thread.

Read - Mark email as read or unread.

Delete - Delete the email.

File Attachments - View file attachments.

Client - View client chart information.

“New Email” Alert 📷

Because you cannot create new emails through the app, when you click “New email”, an alert will pop up, giving you the option to be directed to the staff tab where you can access other ways to send outgoing messages. 



Written By Amanda Griffin (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 25th, 2023

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